Ful-filling Macarons

I was sent a box of Makecarons from Francois Payard last week. Sometimes food writing has its perks!

It’s kind of a genius thing – empty macaron cookies, ready for any filling your heart desires. Kate and I decided to fill them with anything we could find in our cupboards. Hence:

  • raspberry macarons with lemon-thyme icing
  • chocolate macarons with toasted marshmallow, Nutella & graham cracker crumbss
  • vanilla macarons with grapefruit-rosemary-ginger icing
  • chocolate macarons with peanut butter & honey
  • vanilla macarons with vanilla icing, muscovado sugar & Bolivian rose salt
  • raspberry macarons with Nutella & flake salt
  • vanilla macarons with pumpkin butter & chocolate chips
  • raspberry macarons with lemon-thyme icing and graham cracker crumbs

We drank shrubs and Cappelletti with soda, tasted them all, and declared it good. It was a lovely afternoon of making and doing, as noted in our video above.

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